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Depósito Bancário

Depósito Bancário




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Billys Boot Camp - Emagreça, fazendo ginastica em casa
Item #:  2128
Compre e GANHE: 1% de DESCONTO em Pontos.
Vídeo - -1X84Yfq9Rg
Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo®, presents his brand-new, latest and greatest workout system: Billy's BootCamp™. Billy will motivate you to Blast into Shape in 7 Days and completely transform your body and your mind! Billy's BootCamp™ is a complete fitness system that consists of 3 amazing new workouts combined to create a fat blasting muscle toning program. Whether you're a beginner or already one of the millions of Billy Blanks followers, BootCamp™ is the best workout series for any level! 3 ALL NEW Workouts * Basic Training BootCamp™ Billy takes his experience from 6 days of real basic-training exercise and concentrates it into one get-you-started workout that lays the foundation for your new body, new spirit, and the new life you want. (approx. 55 mins) * Ultimate BootCamp™ Designed by Billy to be the FASTEST hour in fitness! This is the workout that ties it all together cardio, upper-body toning, lower-body toning, and abs in one mega-workout that drives you to peak performance. You'll get maximum results in minimum time for your entire body! (approx. 55 mins) * Ab BootCamp™ Billy introduces a whole new approach to attack the belly fat, and give you the slimmed-down midsection you've always dreamed of! This brand new approach gives you the same effect as crunches without the stress and strain. It's Billy's three pronged attack in the battle against that midsection bulge! (approx. 35 mins) * BONUS Cardio BootCamp™ Live! Using the beautiful back drop of Venice Beach, California, Billy's troops demonstrate his signature moves, along with strength training using the new Billy Bands to rev your metabolism and lift your energy while sculpting your entire body. (approx. 30 mins) * ALL NEW Billy Bands™ All new for BootCamp™, these are Billy's secret weapon in the battle against fat and flab! Billy has added resistance bands for added muscle toning and sculpting. Now Billy’s workouts are even better and offer more benefits and variety. Boost your metabolism and get even greater results! * 7-Day Success Plan For optimal results, follow Billy’s 7-Day Success Eating Plan. This healthy, low-carb eating plan is designed for you to follow for one week to jump-start your weight-loss plan. Contents: * DVD Training Boot Camp * DVD Ultimate Boot Camp * DVD Ab Boot Camp * 2 Billy Bands * 7-Day Success Plan * Bonus DVD Cardio Boot Camp * Dog Tags
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