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Depósito Bancário

Depósito Bancário




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Sony NW-A856 Pink - 32GB
Item #:  7351
Compre e GANHE: 1% de DESCONTO em Pontos.
Vídeo - JctaxzoYNe8
High-quality 2.8 7.2mm slim body with Organic EL Display-inch wide. Minimizing the quality degradation "S-Master" Realize the fun "lyrics Pita (TM)" for (* 1) and attached software "x-applications" can be transferred in simple music and video. The "x-app" drag your music files without the other and can be easily transferred to the drop. Also features FM radio tuner. close to the original sound. - Close to high-end audio quality. "S-Master" To achieve a clear sound - 13.5mm driver unit - Clear treble reproduction. "DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine)" Achieved the original stereo. "Clear Stereo" - Strong tight bass. Based "Clear" - Ambient noise by about 98.0% (* 2) cut. Features Three modes to choose according to your listening environment (train and bus / aircraft / interior) is installed. Characteristics vary according to environmental noise, noise canceling works effectively. Reduce the ambient noise and play music without having to [Silent Mode During sleep or when you are concentrating, will reduce the ambient noise and quiet play without music. Enjoy the music and lyrics together, "Pita lyrics (TM)" for_ (* 1) Including songs purchased from music CD and music distribution sites, "x-applications" can be saved to put the song lyrics. "X-applications" in conjunction with data download song lyrics to favorite songs on the "Walkman" If you transferred to Scroll the lyrics to a song together. "Karaoke" mode you can, to reduce the volume of the vocals, like the karaoke fun. Hands-on application integration "x-applications" in a variety of centralized content In addition to music, videos and photos, podcasts, and even more data words "Walkman" can be transferred. Easy operation with intuitive interface can look. Walkman - PC software - the most fun. Saved to PC and transfer music and drag and drop In addition to photos, video and music files for transfer to drag and drop. Music from the data folder on your PC, Walkman - - the "MUSIC" folder by simply dragging and dropping, the transfer is complete. Music management is easy to create the folder as it may be eight levels deep. Can also display the song title and album name and artist name album cover. Also, iTunes library and drag the screen select the song you can transfer music & drop. (* 3) * Is available for a fee. For more information on pricing and lyrics data acquisition, please visit the website of the Corporation the power sink. * Noise under two simulated aircraft manufacturer regulations, environmental choice "aircraft" in comparison with the time and setting when disengaged headphones. Total amount of noise suppression (the measurement method) of about 17dB of sound energy is about equivalent to 98.0% noise reduction 3 music files * Drag & Drop Transfers of copyright protection (music download site "mora" (Mora) purchased music download, etc.) can not be played. Drag and drop transfer of music content, "x-app" does not appear on. Also, you can not transfer playlists Not all features are not supported. iTunes, the United States and other countries of Apple Inc. is a registered trademark Content Information S-Master Furudejitaruanpu adoption. Dejitarunoizukyanseringu featured. Lyrics for pita bread. Type 2.8 WQVGA wide organic EL display uses. FM tuner. Podcast support.
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